Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A new day

means a fresh start, right?

Sunday, August 29, 2010

What a reason to celebrate!

David's grandparent's celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary on August 20th. On the 21st we had a surprise party for them. What a perfect reason to celebrate!

Granny's eyes are closed but it is the one that turned out of them!
The hosts of the party! (Their three amazing children)
 That's right...I made them cut the cake! 
...and feed it to each other! :)
The guest book (frame)
The cake table
The cake
Candles that were on each table
The wine favors made by a family friend
The flower arrangements (mason jars and all)

It was a wonderful event that wouldn't have been possible with out the help of David's AMAZING family! I love them all so much! I can't even begin to imagine life with out them all!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Alaska: it's love/hate thing...

I love Alaska. I really do. But the weather has been awful lately and I feel like Alaska is testing my love...

The clouds decided to part for a day and we took advantage of that and went on a Sunday drive to Portage Valley and Alyeska.
I know, I know...feel bad for me that this is with in driving distance to my house. Like I said, it's a love-hate thing...
This is in Portage Valley...the glacier water is amazingly beautiful. 
I love weathered fences. I also love all flowers that grow in Alaska. I figure these flowers deserve my love if they are going to tough it out and keep coming back each summer. :)

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Hot Summer Nights?

Every year the Valley Cruzers (a sweet group of car enthusiasts) host a car show in downtown Palmer. They call their car show "Hot Summer Nights Car Show". It was anything but hot... We still went to take a look at the cars and while we were out there stopped by David's grandparents house. I only snapped a few photos because my hands were cold...I think it was below 50 degrees and raining...I think summer is over! :(
This is my dream car...David keeps telling me to get a second job to get it. Someday...
 I just thought this was amusing and creative so it deserved a picture.

Arnold wedding cake

I was really excited to do a wedding cake that wasn't just white. I love the cake trends now...the vintage feel with the lace from another family wedding with the "modern" teal color fondant. The reception in a big white tent with the sweetest decor. This DIY bride definitely showed her talent and creativity with the entire venue site. I loved the whole atmosphere she created in that tent! 
The cute grooms cake for the Philadelphia Flyers (I didn't know what the logo was for when she asked me to make it...) I loved the colors of this wedding and wish I would have taken a picture of the rest of the decor just for inspiration for another party some day. I was so impressed!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

August already??

So much to do, so little time....
August is going to be a busy month for us. We have a wedding today (that I made the cake and grooms cake for) We have the kitchen remodel going on still. We have the anniversary party (that I need to get everything finalized for). Of course my birthday at the end of the month...then summer is basically over for us Alaskans.

I have a new goal of being positive. The rainy summer has taken a toll on my mood lately and after a small emotional break down the other day...I am ready to take it all on! I have a bad habit of looking at the negative, but I have soooo much to be thankful for! So it's time to start appreciating everything I have been blessed with and stop being a big baby about the rest!

Today, I woke up with the sun shining in our bedroom (which is enough to be thankful for with this summer...) and rolled over to see my adorable husband and sweet dog Maggi snuggling. I couldn't help but crack a smile and kiss that puppy belly. I am so thankful for the life I have been given and need to remember that not everyone is so blessed...

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Planning an anniversary celebration...

Invitation from Picture Me Perfect.  They did an amazing job!
David's grandparents are about to celebrate their 60th anniversary in August!!! We are throwing a surprise party for them! I am so excited about this! What better reason to celebrate....

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Sesame Street Party

Yesterday we celebrated my nieces second birthday with all her little friends. She loves Elmo and Cookie Monster right now, so of course it was in Sesame Street theme!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Alaska Baby & Child

Alaska Baby & Child
Check out the link to Alaska Baby & Child article. I just realized they fixed the slide show of pictures and I have seven on there!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Bucket list...

So my sister Jeannie started her bucket list of 100 things she wants to do in her lifetime (Jeannie's 100 list) . It inspired me to start my own. I have been working on it for a while now, but still haven't reached 100 items....I know if I sat down and thought about it I could come up with more, but I think this is a pretty good start....

  1. Learn to play the guitar
  2. Make a cake for someone famous
  3. Attend Mardi Gras
  4. Organize a huge fundraiser for a charity
  5. Visit New York and see something great on Broadway
  6. Take a girls trip with my mom and sisters
  7. Own my own hot rod (I would specify, but I change my mind weekly)
  8. Race above said car at a drag strip
  9. Visit every state
  10. Visit London and take a picture with the Royal Guard
  11. Ride in a red double-decker bus in above mentioned London trip
  12. Take a photography class
  13. Learn to play the piano
  14. Have a family
  15. Visit Washington DC and tour the White House
  16. Participate in the Disney Princess ½ Marathon in Disney World
  17. Attend a NFL game (preferably Saints…with David)
  18. Learn to play an actual game of Poker (maybe win some money)
  19. Surf somewhere amazing (or just surf)
  20. Learn to use my sewing machine and actual make usable items
  21. Compile a cookbook of family recipes
  22. Catch an impressive king salmon
  23. Visit Burr Oak, Michigan (where a lot of my family is from)
  24. Sip a Cappuccino in Italy
  25. Enjoy scrumptious truffles made by Jacques Torres
  26. Attend a Garth Brooks concert (probably won’t happen because I think he's retired.)
  27. Go on a walkabout in Australia or just visit Australia
  28. Eat a bowl of Lucky Charms in Ireland (don’t judge)
  29. Enter a baking competition or cake decorating
  30. Visit the North Slope and see the rigs
  31. See Mt. Rushmore
  32. Eat a fresh baked baguette in Paris
  33. Visit the original Le Cordon Bleu School in Paris
  34. Surprise David with a trip somewhere he has always wanted to go
  35. Go to France for the 24 hour Le Mans race (obviously taking David)
  36. Drive a motorcycle
  37. Attend an opening ceremony of the Olympics
  38. Host a fancy dinner party
  39. Make pasta from scratch
  40. Have a house that I can have a fire pit in the back yard (so I could make s’mores when ever I wanted!)
  41. Learn to knit
  42. Attend a BMX competition with David
  43. Learn to line dance
  44. Visit the Redwoods forest
  45. Take a wine tour California
  46. Swim with dolphins
  47. Start a successful business with my amazing husband
  48. Catch a fish thrown by the fish guys at Pike’s Market or just go there again
  49. Go camping in a remote location
  50. Learn another language
  51. Try to cross-country ski
  52. Get certified to Scuba
  53. Succeed at wakeboarding
  54. Obtain a BA in something (business probably)
  55. Be an extra in a big movie
  56. Ride in a hot air balloon in the hot air balloon festival in New Mexico
  57. See the Grand Canyon
  58. Actually win money from a slot machine (hopefully big money)
  59. Visit the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam
  60. Take a class by Colette Peters
  61. Pick apples from an apple orchard
  62. Plan a big surprise party (where the guest of honor is actually surprised)
  63. Be married to my husband for over 70 years
  64. Take our moms on a girl’s spa trip somewhere fun
  65. Learn to golf so I can hang with the boys with out the handicap
  66. Own a house on a beach
  67. Bowl a perfect game (or maybe I should just have a goal of over 200)
  68. Take a self-defense course
  69. Be able to do a pull-up
  70. Host a giant Halloween party
  71. Visit Niagara Falls
  72. See the Pyramids
  73. Take a picture crossing Abbey Lane
  74. Visit Graceland
  75. Visit the Library of Congress (I might find the book of secrets…)
  76. Solve the pineapple maze in Oahu at the Dole plantation
  77. Scuba dive with my dad somewhere cool
  78. Plan and host a ginormous family reunion (someday…)
  79. Be a member of my kids (see no. 14) PTA
  80. Eat beignets at Café Du Monde (again, but get a picture this time)
  81. Get my in-laws on a cruise
  82. Host a big family thanksgiving or Christmas dinner
  83. Get all my old pictures scanned and saved.
  84. Take a dance class. (such as ballroom dancing…)
  85. Visit Japan
  86. Stay in Cinderella suite at Disney world
  87. Drive Route 66 with my hubby preferably in a vintage car
  88. Ring in the New Year in Time’s square

Happy Birthday Wendy!

Yesterday we celebrated Wendy's birthday at their house! I would have loved to host it at my house, but with an incomplete kitchen I guess we'll wait. :) Dave and I decided we would have casual drinks and appetizers and a few people over. I have been following some great party blogs and got a few creative ideas for decorations...

It was a great time with family and friends and thank God the sun came out for a day...(it's raining again today...)

Friday, July 16, 2010

If having a dog isn't training for a child....

The other day I sat down at the computer (well on the floor with the laptop on the ottoman) to pay bills. Maggi decided I wasn't giving her enough attention...She climbed up on my lap and snuggled right up....

4th of July

For the holiday weekend we did the norm for us. We headed to the cabin. I love going to my parents cabin, it is by far my favorite place in Alaska. This year Kristy and the girls decided to join in the fun! I was glad they came up! We made s'mores by the fire until it started to rain...but the best part of the weekend was the Reeses S'mores that was tested out for the first time....yum!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Snowy white cake

Photo credit: PS Photography (
This cake was really special to make for Courtney and Charlie. They are genuinely the nicest couple ever!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Did I mention my cupcakes were published??

I can't believe I forgot to write about some of my cupcakes being featured in a local magazine! There is a magazine in here called Alaska Baby & Child ( The last issue they did a special on child birthday parties, including a section on birthday cakes. I was asked to come up with a theme for cupcakes or cake for a fun birthday. I decided to go with the farm theme, because I love the ones I made for my niece's birthday a few years back. When the magazine came out, I was so excited to see that I had made two pages! Also, when you go to their website my cupcakes are on the front page for a featured article.
This is a picture from the website, the article was titled "The Sweetest Day"! See more pictures online here.

Friday, June 18, 2010

So...I've decided to change things up a bit...

I originally created this blog to follow just my cakes and creations. I have since slowed waaay down on making cakes. Blame it on the move or the kitchen construction, but I want to take this blog on a different route. I am making this about anything and everything. I won't be offended if you quit following now...

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Sesame Street cupcakes!

Oh, these guys were so much fun to make! Another full day of piping...but the end result was worth it! Made for another friend's child's 2nd birthday! It's amazing what you can create with a vat of frosting and a lot more food coloring...

Dora Cake

I made this for a friends child's first birthday. Haven't made a character cake in quite a while, but it was fun. My hand was cramping after using a piping bag for what seems like days...