Friday, August 26, 2011


Oh my goodness...

Here is how my day started:

I arrived at work 15 minutes early (yay me!). That means I get to make the first pot of communal coffee!
This is a strange, small victory for me. Someone around here makes what I refer to as "coffee-water" aka "the most watered down coffee ever".

I start a nice (strong) pot of coffee, and walk away to do other morning tasks. I go back to the break room about 10 minutes later to fill my giant coffee mug, and lo and behold there is only about a cup left in the pot!

How does this even happen? I was only away for 10 minutes...

So, here is the "Monday" part of my Friday:
I fill my cup and start a new pot for the next person.
Nice of me, right?
But when I go to put the grounds in the filter...

I scoop the coffee grounds into my poured cup of coffee!!

Let's just start today over. I will leave, go purchase a coffee with no grounds in it and come back to the office.

Hope everyone has a great Friday! :)

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