Sunday, February 13, 2011

Chocolate Chip ice cream sandwich

I made these ice cream sandwiches to enter in Nestle Tollhouse's "Bake some Love" contest on Facebook. It's a long shot to win, but it was fun to come up with a plan. The rules were: you must use Nestle's original chocolate chip cookie recipe and must be heart shaped.

I am sure you've all made Nestle's chocolate chip cookies but here we go...

First, get all your ingredients together.

Cream together the butter and sugar mixture. {by "cream" I mean to combine until you have no clumps of sugar separated from the butter, it should be one smooth mixture}

Add your wet ingredients {eggs and vanilla}one egg at a time.

Slowly add your dry ingredients, careful not to over mix at this point because it will make your cookies tough.

When almost all the flour is mixed in, add your chocolate chips and mix in by hand.

Then I spread the cookie dough mixture onto my half sheet pan that I prepared with parchment paper. And popped it in the over at 375 for about 20-25 minutes. {Mine took about 25 minutes} I didn't spread the cookie dough all the way to the edge because I knew the dough would spread out with the heat of the oven.

While the giant cookie is baking, I took a whole gallon of softened {microwave for 15 seconds at a time till soft} french vanilla ice cream. I spread it out in a 13x9" pan lined with saran wrap. Then topped with another layer of saran wrap and put it back in the freezer. 

I used my three inch heart cookie cutter to cut out the cookies when the pan cooled.

Did the same with the ice cream {using the same cookie cutter}. Note: don't use the slow churned ice cream like I did, it has too much air which means it is too soft all the time.

Sandwich it with two of the heart cookies and viola! a home made ice cream sandwich!

But this would be too I searched my mountains of decorating stuff and found some red sprinkles! Pour the sprinkles out on a plate and dip the ice cream edge into the sprinkles.

Hmmmm...still a little boring if you ask me. So, I found some white chocolate chips, melted them down and used a fork to drizzle.

Oops this one is starting to melt...this will be my "tester". :) Happy Valentines Day!

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