Sunday, February 13, 2011

Family photo wall

I've been wanting to put up my family pictures since we moved into our house last March. I knew I wanted to put them up in the hallway to the bedrooms, but just haven't gotten around to it....until today. I'm tired of walking to my bed room down this drab hallway.

Now, I am the type of person that is not afraid to put a couple of nail holes in the wall just to get things where I want them. I am not a fan of measuring then hammering...I like to guesstimate then hammer. :) My husband on the other hand, he gets a little stressed about things not being symmetrical. So, I waited till he was out in the garage washing the truck to start my project.
Here is what I did to make sure they were spaced far enough apart (unlike my last house).
First, I took brown paper and cut to the length of the hall space I wanted to hang my pictures. Laid it on the ground and started laying out my frames to see where I wanted them.

I traced around the pictures with a marker on the paper and labeled each square for which picture that was for. Then, I taped the paper on the wall where I wanted the pictures to hang.

Next, I figured out where the nail needed to go on each frame by measuring from the top of the frame to the hook.  I then measured on the drawn outline of the frames to mark where the nail needs to go. I hammered the nails in place.

I hung the picture to make sure I was putting the nails in roughly the correct location.

After I finished putting all the nails in the correct locations, I rolled the paper back from one end careful not to pull the nails back out of the wall. So I didn't forget which picture was meant to go where, I put them up as I rolled the paper back.

Now I have a happy wall of family photos to remind me how blessed I am to be a part of all of their lives.

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