Sunday, February 13, 2011

Great Gift Idea

I come from a family of six (three sisters, myself, and our parents).  As we've grown up, all gotten married, and they've started having kids...our family is getting big! In efforts to keep everyone's wallets relatively full, we decided to start drawing names among the adults and only buying for them.  This year, we decided to buy as couples.  My sister Jeannie and her husband got David and I, and we drew their names.
I think buying for boys is much harder than buying for girls (especially sisters), but decided, as lame as it is, to get them a gift card to spend together.  I found an inn in Prescott, AZ (they like to go there) and got them a gift card.
My ultra-creative sister made us these:

I love them! These little buttons necklaces are some of our great-grandma's vintage buttons.

Don't you love them?

Check out her super cute blog: My Balancing Act !!

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